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Repair Rules

Need a diamond ring repaired? Do you have a ring that has loose diamonds? Do you need your wedding rings resized? Is the latch on your diamond tennis bracelet in need of replacement? If you need a jewelry repair shop, heed the advice of someone whoís been in the diamond and fine jewelry business for over 30 years; never look for just any old jewelry repair shop.

What Should I look For?
Look for a great jewelry repair shop. Let me explainÖ a great jewelry repair shop has certain rules that they abide by. Rules that you will never find in an average or bad jewelry repair shop. These great Jewelry Repair Shop rules should be your guiding light to finding a trustworthy jewelry repair that is professional prompt, and priced properly. When you find what youíre looking for, tell them that you chose them because of the advice of experts at, where, ďFine Jewelry is Our Only Business.Ē

A Great Jewelry Repair Shop Rule #1
They repair the precious jewelry of their clients on site, in many cases in plain view of their clients, if time permits. Never take your fine jewelry to a store that sends out its customerís jewelry to outside, third party jewelry repair shops. Letís think about this scenario for a moment.

Would you take your car to a repair shop, only to find out that they are not actually performing the work? Instead, they are taking your car to another shop to be worked on? Why not just take it to the second shop in the first place right? Right!

When jewelry is farmed out, the primary concern is the communications lost in the process. Every week we hear horror stories from individuals who got their repaired jewelry back and it wasnít what they talked about are expected. The setting was wrong. The diamond was chipped or something else made their repair experience a horrible one.

In a great jewelry repair shop, ALL repairs are done in house! Period and end of story! They don't farm out your jewelry repair to a hired hand or send it off site to some store or shop you have no knowledge of. A great jewelry repair shop has experienced, trained, educated

A Great Jewelry Repair Shop Rule #2
Professional jewelry repair personnel never make false promises; they state the facts and the truth! And the truth is; no jeweler can guarantee that a diamond or gemstone once taken out of their store will not scratch, fracture, chip, or break. Iíve been in the business for a while and often hear people complain about their damaged stones because they were convinced by ill-informed or shady jewelry sales rep that the diamonds purchased from their store never chip, break or scratch.

A Great Jewelry Repair Shop Rule #3

A great jewelry repair shop has been in the business long enough to be seasoned at performing repairs and when it comes to pricing, they never just quote prices off the top of their heads. They have a price book that covers virtually every jewelry repair scenario.

Their quote is more than reasonable based their investment of time and the fact that they donít use 2nd rate parts or inferior materials to complete the job correctly. When a jeweler randomly guesses at repair prices, that means he or she is not a professional. It takes a little more time to thoroughly examine fine jewelry and price the repair in writing, but itís worth it because it helps you avoid jewelry repair fiascos!
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